Mother China agriculture gearbox Seville Spain and Baby Plastic LDPE HDPE Agricultural Film Recycling Extrusion Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Mother  China   agriculture gearbox   Seville Spain   and Baby Plastic LDPE HDPE Agricultural Film Recycling Extrusion Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

We SIDE BY SIDE WITH OUR CUSTOMERS Consolidated experience and constant communication with customers. These are the pillars on which EPG’s expertise is based to develop products designed for: customised solutions to solve every problem and to meet every requirement promptly offering total quality. It has established stable cooperation with many well known universities and institutes in china such as, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Technical committee of national chain drive standard, Institute of national chain drive, Zhejiang application engineering material institute, Huhan material protection institute; and it cooperated to found China First Car chain institute with National chain drive institute.- EPG Group the bi pto gearbox manufacturers Gorakhpur India ggest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 different branches. For more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Our products are selling well in Chinese markets and some products sold in international markets are well received by Chinese and foreign clients at home and abroad.EPG manufactures a wide range of Differential Gears, Turned Blanks, Forged Blanks, Carbon Steel Forged Flanges and Gearboxes for Agricultural implements.  

mother and baby plastic LDPE HDPE agricultural film recycling extrusion machine,HDPE film recycling pelletizing machine,with Compactor is mainly used for PA, PP, PS, PE, EPE, EPS,PET,UPS,ABS Film etc.

The film material is send to compactor by belt conveyer. There is rotary cutters are installed on the cutter plate.And there is also stable cutter are installed on the side of compactory. By the high speed of rotary cutter, the film will be crushed into small pieces. Meanwhile the by the friction of rotary and cutter, cushed material will be get together by its hot to increase its density. And also the wet water will be vaporated. Together film will be send into the extruder by centrifugal force.This will improve the capacity of film material.

Two stage machine with two screen changer, so that it can fliter much more impurity. Meanwhile the machine with one vacuum degassing and one natural degassing, then the final pellets will be more beautiful. The machine is with high performance and high efficiency.


The advantages of this machine
1. Highly efficent: the machine is automatic and with less power consumption.
2. Special screw design: We will design the screw up to customer different material and the material of screw and barrel can be 38CrMoAL or bimetallic.
3. High capacity: the capacity of the machine is about 200kg/h
4. Material come out more stably: material go through from the first stage to the second stage, with two screen changer, much more impurity will be filterd and the material come out from the die won’t broken down.
5. Beautiful pellets: two degassing system, no air in the pellets.
6. The machine wih long life.


1. High precision gear box, high carrying capacity, steady driving, low noises.

2. Newly designed barrel and screw ensure better melt uniformity, low melt temperature and much higher production.
3. For most applications, stHangZhourd nitrided steel is used for barrels and screws with high corrosion-resistant. the unusual material can be processed by choosing two species of metals.
4. The PID meter keeps the temperature steady and accurate.
5. hydraulic pressure screen changer, changing screen is easy and finished within a few minutes.

The advantages of the compactor
1. Counter current ept
      Higeptprocess stability thorugh improved material intake ensures constantly high output over a considerably broader temperature rang
       Higher fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility and operational reliability with a variety of materials
       Increased throughputs with the same plant size for more productivity
2. Smart Start
       Remarkably easy operate thanks to logical, clearly structured and simplified hXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. and ultramodern ergonomiic touchscreen disply.
       Fewer buttons, more user-friendliness-thanks to high degree of automat on incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. extensive control packages.
       The rigeptrecipe for every application-saved processing paramerter can be loaded easily and conveniently from the recipe management system at the push of a button
3. Save
        Lower specific energy requirements thanks to a complete package featuring design and process engineering measures incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the new direct drive for the extruder screw
        Lower production costs through optimised control ept and high-quality, energy-efficient components such as high-performance motors
        Additionally, the parctical energy dispaly on your operating panel gives you a constant overvies of eenergy consumption at all times, thus enabling you to take specific measures to optimise consumption
        Environmental protection

How the machine works
The material is feeding into the compactor/cutter(Customer can choose to use belt converyer,whole film traction device and so on), material is cut, mixed, heated,dried, pre-compacted and buffered in the compactor/cutter. Then the hot, pre-compracted material will be filled continuously into the tangentially connected extruder. This upto the Counter Current ept.

Then material is plasticised and degassed in the extruder screw, next the material will be plasticised and melt in the screw, with the heeptof screen changer, the dirty impurity will be filter, the clean material will go though the screen changer and into the pelletizing system

Line components:

Item NO. Item name Quantity Power
1 Belt conveyor(with metal detector) 1set 2.2kw
2 Φ160/28 single screw extruder 1 set 160kw
3 Compactor(with cyclone silo on top) 1 set 90kw
4 Hydraulic screen changer system 1 set 3kw
5 Φ160/10 single screw extruder 1 set 55kw
6 Hydraulic screen changer system 1 set 3kw
7 Water tank 1 set
8 Gale Dryer 1 set 4kW
9 Pelletizer 1set 7.5kw
11 Wind transmission system 1 set 4kw
12 Storage Silo 1 set
13 Electrical control box 1 set

Project summary:

NO. Item. Spec.
1 Material PP PE BOPP PVC PET film
2 Capacity output::600 kg/hr
3 Final products size Φ3mm
4 Electricity power 380V/3P/50HZ
5 Installed power 360 KW for whole plant
6 Power consumption 70% of installed power
7 Plant area >   60  Square meter
>   3 meter height
Estimate line size:  10m(Length)* 2 m(Width)* 3 m(Height) we can make the line turn as I or L shape to fit the buyer’s plant
8 Manpower 1-2 Persons required
9 Payment terms 30% by TT as deposit; Balance paid by TT before shippment.
Delivery time 50 Worept daeptsince receive the deposit
Package  Pacept by film.
Warranty Period 12months since the date of BL.
Shipping By sea
Offer validity 60Days

Machine line

Machine under testing

The advantage of Two stage machine: 
1. two screen changer can filter  more impurity, the pressure can be reduce.
2. the capacity can be improve.
Material come our from the die, this is pull strap pelletizing way
Gale dryer and pelletizer

Final pellets

Pameter of such kinds of machine


Model Screw diameter(mm) L/D Capacity (kg/h)
SJ-100 100 26~33 250~300
SJ-100 100 10
ML-120/120 SJ-120 120 26~33 300~400
SJ-120 120 10
ML-150/150 SJ-150 150 26~33 500~600
SJ-150 150 10
ML-180/180 SJ-180 180 26~33 800~1000
SJ-180 180


1. We supply below necessary documents with the machine:

  1. Machine layout
  2. Electricity diagram
  3. Machine certificate
  4. General manual book/maintenance book

2. We provides one-year quality guarantee. During this period, if the machine’s malfunction is approved to be our responsibility, we will send the broken spare parts to you with DHL courier or other way within 7 workdaeptafter receiving the complainant. And send the technicians to the buyer’s factory for mainXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.. All charges are in our account.

3. After one year guarantee, If you need we can provides payable spare parts and technician’s VISITING maintenance, and any broken spares we can send you soon as possible.

4. We trust that our quotation meets with your requirements and we will gladly furnish you with further information.

5. 24Hours service :  Cell-13915707468

The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed replacement parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

Mother  China   agriculture gearbox   Seville Spain   and Baby Plastic LDPE HDPE Agricultural Film Recycling Extrusion Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Mother  China   agriculture gearbox   Seville Spain   and Baby Plastic LDPE HDPE Agricultural Film Recycling Extrusion Machine with ce certificate top quality low price